Over the past two decades, Mamta has been deeply involved in drawing synergies between botany, organic farming and skincare. Growing up in a family that followed the sciences of Vedas, Mamta has been an ardent believer in the healing and rejuvenating powers of Ayurveda. Her passion for nature and everything natural led her to create Earth Origin – a vegan luxury skincare and wellness brand that draws inspiration from royal Indian beauty regimes.

A creative formulator, Mamta specializes in customizing products that address specific skincare and wellness concerns. She was 12 years-old when she first churned soaked almonds, almond milk and saffron to create a face wrap – an ingenious DIY that enriched the properties of raw almond by mixing it with almond milk – allowing it to stay on the face, instead of slide – and adding saffron imparted natural radiance and enhanced skin complexion. At an early age of 21, she began designing self-made oil blends that helped her detoxify the skin and keep away from acne.

With her formal training in microbiology and pathology along with a tremendous passion for Ayurveda, over the years, Mamta has customized products for several clients – and that’s much prior to the launch of Earth Origin – the jars just carried a hand-written label with the clients’ name. Mamta continues to design customized offerings.

Mamta believes in the potential of raw organic produce – organic supplies not only helps keep fit but also helps define the looks and wellbeing. With this thought in her head, Mamta conceptualized designing the Earth Origin range of upscale luxury skincare products that not only address everyday skincare concerns but also defines graceful aging. Aging is a natural process, which is driven by several lifestyle factors and time, of course – however, with conscious and regimented skincare approach along with a healthy lifestyle allows one to age graciously. At Earth Origin, competence lies in designing age-defying Ayurvedic formulations.

At Earth Origin, Mamta attempts to recreate the traditional royal beauty and wellness regime in a contemporary context.